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Barcelona Flamenco is a flamenco performance company for “MICE”, a union of widely renowned flamenco artists from Andalucia and Catalonia.  Andalucia is the birthplace of flamenco whereas Catalonia is the home of the most outstanding and world renowned flamenco academies which provide the very best of flamenco training. 
Our aim is to transmit the meaning of this art to our audience; its strength, passion, beauty, rythm, happiness and emotion in an elegant manner where all of them gain special prominence. 
The performance is entertaining, dynamic and enjoyable with several changes of costume where the most spectacular of flamenco songs are played as well as various world renowned pieces which are adapted specifically for our performance. 
Barcelona Flamenco faithfully represents the roots of the tradional flamenco whilst introducing and fusing original elements and different styles such as the flamenco violin or flute which provide beauty and elegance at the same time as respecting tradition.
We cater for both private and corporate event events. 

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Barcelona Flamenco activities offer the opportunity to combine both the past and present of Barcelona culture by giving you the opportunity to participate in an interactive fun and rewarding way thus giving you the “total flamenco experience” in our wonderful city.
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Flamenco dance workshops for groups



Flamenco Show & Menu

Family restaurant with a great Andalusian atmosphere facing the old port of Barcelona. Andalusian and Catalan cuisine of high quality.
Concert: singing, guitar, cajon and dancing. Capacity: 55 pax.

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At Barcelona Flamenco we offer a professional, methodical approach to event production combined with access to the best venues and entertainment.

Flamenco dance workshops for groups


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