Workshops, courses and private lessons

Barcelona Flamenco offers you the possibility to organize special courses for flamenco dance groups throughout the year.

Barcelona Flamenco brings over thirteen years experience in teaching flamenco at its disposal.
These courses are designed for the needs and tastes of the people who compose the group. Directed to groups that want to have a first contact with the flamenco culture and having fun learning our traditions to groups who already know and learn in other parts of Spanish territory or international.
• We have a team of teachers working professionals, and various classrooms in the center of Barcelona equipped for this purpose.
• In the intermediate and advanced levels, the opportunity to benefit from the presence of a guitarist and singer, background notes on a guitar and the sound of the songs.
• After class do you want a dinner with flamenco show? We have special prices for you.
Groups from 4 people. Consult prices. Languages: English, French, Spanish and Catalan. Duration: 60, 90 and 120 minutes. Tell us your travel plans and we adapt to it.

Tutorials: dance, cajón, guitar, singing, “castañuelas”, rhythm and clapping.

For those who want a quality personal training. For flamenco lovers who want to make your stay in Barcelona an opportunity to learn or perfect their knowledge of flamenco with professional teachers who live in Barcelona. We offer private lessons for all levels and techniques.
In the case of staying in an apartment in Barcelona, singing and guitar lessons can be done at home, for dance classes and cajón must be done in our classrooms ready for percussion.
What should I bring?. Flamenco shoes and musical instrument.

Intensive summer courses, consulting

M: +34 685 500 186
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