Taylor made shows

Cajón de sastre

The essence of flamenco with the modern addition of a percussion set.

Concert Guitar Recital

Concert flamenco guitar as the central figure. Vindicating the fundamental role of the leading melodic instrument in traditional flamenco.


The art of flamenco in its purest manifestation recreated by its leading characters: the cante and the guitar.

Flamenco strings

The musicality of two guitars with the harmonic collaboration of the violin, one of the recently adquired instruments in flamenco.

Just Rumba!

For all the people who want to have a nice time in the dance floor. From our vigorous and intense rumba catalana to the modern airs of bands that follow the trail of Ketama or Barbería del Sur. You won’t be able to stop your feet.


A show for those who look for originality but without renouncing to the rigor of the flamenco tradition.


The three purely flamenco elements. A show to enjoy hearing and watching with the strength and the particular style of flamenco dancing.


Concert guitar with a percussion set including different instruments, from the traditional palmas to the modern cajón.

Sevilla´s beat

Enjoy live one of the more recogniced cultural flags of the wonderful city of Sevilla. A musical flashback to this genre from the Triana´s bridge to the Huelva´s hermitage devoted to the Rocio´s virgin.

Tablao flamenco

The most complete show to enjoy the tradition of a genuine tablao flamenco.

Three voices

The tradition of cante joined to the expressiveness of two guitars. Tradition and emotion.


The purest flamenco show with the strength of two guitars

Tradition with cajón

The purest flamenco show with the strength of two guitars and a rhythmic base with the special sound of the cajón.

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