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Booking Rumba Catalana y Flamenco for your event will captivate your guests to your event with beautiful interpretations of Catalan rumba, a style that combines flamenco, Cuban rhythms and rock and roll, creating a fascinating interpretation.

Although flamenco as a musical style and Spanish dance is the best known, there are many other musical styles to explore.

For example, Rumba Catalana is another good entertainment option that can bring a Spanish flavor to any corporate event.

The Catalan Rumba is present in all the festivals of towns and cities of Catalonia during the summer months. Its flamenco, Cuban and rock rhythms invite people of any age and origin to dance. This popular dance is in the DNA of the Catalans.

You feel like dancing Catalan rumba?

This musical genre is very popular within the Spanish borders, but a little less known by the international public.

Its rhythms come from flamenco, specifically flamenco rumba, but it is a genre that also has influences from Cuban music and rock and roll.

Our Catalan rumba groups are a great alternative to the most classic forms of entertainment in Spain, but it could also be a culturally enriching and surprising experience.

When booking Rumba Catalana y Flamenco for your event, your guests at awards ceremonies, corporate events or private parties fully enjoy this cultural and innovative experience for many of them.

Deeply rooted in Catalan culture, this exciting music creates a vibrant and lively soundtrack, and it’s just what makes your event stand out and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Our groups of Rumba Catalana have a wide and varied repertoire, full of all kinds of rumba: flamenco rumba, Catalan rumba, modern rumba, etc.

Some of the famous songs they can play include ‘Volando Voy’, ‘Friends Forever’ or ‘Gitana Hechicera’. They can even interpret world classics like ‘Hotel California’ with their own style.

These live music, musicians are also great composers and in their repertoire include their own songs.

Each performance is tailored to fit your event and bewitch the international audience on any occasion with a real Spanish flavour. We offer several composition options, such as trio, quartet, quintet and septet formats.

You can also ask more artists, such as dancers, to join them on stage for special occasions. Together with the flamenco dancers, they are guaranteed to bring authentic Spanish flavour to any celebration.

Booking Rumba Catalana y Flamenco for your event is suitable for a wide range of events.

They have performed at numerous private parties, gala dinners and ceremonies, and are delighted to bring their energy, passion for their enthusiasm for the Catalan Rumba to themed events, exhibitions and other special occasions for events anywhere in the world.

Barcelona Flamenco can provide a wide range of Rumba Catalana groups for parties and events. For more suggestions and ideas for Catalan and Spanish-themed parties, do not hesitate to contact our team of coordinators and ask for inspiration.

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Barcelona Flamenco

Barcelona Flamenco was born from the initiative of a group of professionals who are committed to quality and rigor. Among the main activities of Barcelona Flamenco is the promotion of flamenco concerts and cycles, with first class artists and undoubted talent. We are also specialized in the management of human resources for the creation of shows and seminars made "to measure".

This business proposal will allow you to vary the format of the show, creating a wide range of possibilities to choose from. Barcelona Flamenco is defined as a work system that offers you the possibility to choose between a wide and varied range of shows, which allow you to choose multiple combinations that will surely cover any of your needs and expectations.