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Dinner with flamenco show in Barcelona … Flamenco in Catalonia is an art deeply rooted in culture and in which music and dance are the absolute protagonists. Therefore, for those groups that want to enjoy a few days in our community and experience different activities, what better way to do it than having a glass of fine wine while listening to the “jondos” songs!

Dinner with flamenco show in Barcelona. Your private gala and Flamenco dinner.

Barcelona Flamenco recreates for its private event an authentic Flamenco Tablao or April Fair in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia. With the best flamenco shows where, the set of deep songs, the guitar that accompanies them, the impetus of zapateado and palms and dances of the artists, emerge in the purest style of tablaos in Barcelona. Such as tablao del Carmen de Barcelona, flamenco palace or flamenco tablao Barcelona born.

All this marinated with excellent wines from our flamenco menu. In addition to being able to delight in this art, you will have the opportunity to know the highlights of the cuisine of Andalusia and Catalonia. A tasting of dishes and traps in which you can savour new recipes of Andalusian cuisine and others prepared in the purest traditional style.

Barcelona Flamenco can recreate a traditional Flamenco Tablao and an April Fair where we indicate or put at your disposal the rental of different singular spaces, where our props team will turn it into an authentic Flamenco Tablao or in a rociero choir atmosphere with airs of April Fair for your guests.

The space will be faithfully recreated and decorated with typically Andalusian motifs and elements. We set up fair booths accompanied by their sevillian tables and chairs, colored lanterns, garlands of lights and hostesses dressed in flamenco dresses. We make a great deployment, so that no detail is missing, and celebrate a unique and exclusive April Fair or Tablao Flamenco theme party.

In addition, we install a careful fair lighting so that your dinner with flamenco show will dazzle your guests. There will be garlands of lights, the typical cover of Feria, Sevillian furniture, stalls of fritters, cotton candy, nougat…

This typical Andalusian fair will be accompanied by ham cutters, tapas, sangria, wine veneers from Jerez, hostesses dressed in flamenco and, of course, all accompanied and enlivened by our financial choirs and traditional flamenco shows that will be walking among all attendees. If it is your desire, horse cars and equestrian Flamenco shows, guitarists, flamenco groups, gastronomic workshops, sevillanas or flamenco workshops, etc, will not be missing.

Spanish themed party with typical flamenco tablao decoration, live music, flamenco menus, dancing and much more! Ideal for setting gala dinners with a typically Spanish flavor.

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Barcelona Flamenco

Barcelona Flamenco was born from the initiative of a group of professionals who are committed to quality and rigor. Among the main activities of Barcelona Flamenco is the promotion of flamenco concerts and cycles, with first class artists and undoubted talent. We are also specialized in the management of human resources for the creation of shows and seminars made "to measure".

This business proposal will allow you to vary the format of the show, creating a wide range of possibilities to choose from. Barcelona Flamenco is defined as a work system that offers you the possibility to choose between a wide and varied range of shows, which allow you to choose multiple combinations that will surely cover any of your needs and expectations.