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On Thursday, January 23, 2020, it was inaugurated with a total success of the FLAMENCO JAM SESSION in Barcelona in the Born district of Barcelona.

Blue Bacon presented his new album “Two Notes”

He was followed by the Flamenco Jam Session with the renowned singer Laura, Sergio’s unparalleled bass, Frederico on guitar and Jesus on percussion.

Total success of the FLAMENCO JAM SESSION in Barcelona

In addition, for this inauguration, we enjoyed the presence of a cast of leading guest artists:
Ramón Olivares, percussion
Violeta, flamenco dance
Jero to the flamenco guitarist and Ana al cante
Mélodie, flamenco pianist
Daniel, flamenco guitarist
Marc, flamenco guitarist
IZÄ, cantaora
Luís de la Fefa, cantaor
Rafa, flute and saxophone
Popo percussion
Juan de la Lola, cantaor
Victor, flamenco guitar

Frederico (Guitar and Voice) and Jesus (Percussion and Voice) form Blue Bacon, a musical proposal created in Barcelona by a Brazilian and a Sevillian, who, combining their different opinions and creativity, mix Flamenco, Blues, Jazz and Bossa in a jam Exquisite and unique flavor.

The Bacon brothers have a very personal fusion flamenco repertoire where the one who is attentive, can taste a little of each influence that each one encompasses!

Flamenco Jam at the Forum Club de Barcelona is much more, a new space for musical diversity with Flamenco as a rhythmic base.
There are no rules or musical labels, why? Because the absence of labels is the future of art, avant-garde and music.

In the Born district of Barcelona, ​​El Foro Club, in a space where musicians, artists, and receivers of diverse (public) nature mix and see what happens.

Do not miss the best Flamenco Jam in Barcelona! A meeting point between the gastronomy, art and culture of Barcelona.

Every alternate Thursday
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