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Flamenco dancers and guitarists, as well as other types of entertainment in Spanish culture, are requested to entertain guests at corporate events and parties held in all corners of the world.

If you want to organize a Spanish themed party or a corporate event, flamenco and Spanish classic shows can be an ideal entertainment option.

Why book Spanish and Flemish themed corporate entertainment?

Traditional live flamenco performances are shown with an exceptional performance of dancers and musicians.

They emanate great energy and passion with shows of great intensity and high doses of drama and joy at the same time.

Flamenco, the quintessential Spanish popular dance form, has taken Spanish culture to every corner of the planet, and the international public applauds and enthusiastically requests it.

The sensual beauty, elegance and exquisite costumes, make it irresistible and a pleasure for the eyes, but not only flamenco shows is requested by international spectators.

Other Spanish musical genres such as Catalan rumba or bowling school dance, of great technical difficulty and extreme beauty, are also in great demand by event organizers around the world.

Spanish themed corporate entertainment, flamenco for world events.

Why corporate entertainment with Spanish and Flemish themes is a good option for your event?

The performances of traditional flamenco, fusion flamenco, classical Spanish, Catalan rumba or contemporary flamenco is widely applauded and loved by people from different cultures.

The “Zapateao” foot percussion of the flamenco dancers, the fascinating choreographies, the beautiful costumes and the energy they give off are something worth seeing.

By booking authentic flamenco shows and Spanish music live, you will ensure that your guests immerse themselves in a different culture during one night.

Flamenco dancers, singers and guitarists can also give any occasion a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Flamenco dance shows with Spanish dance are full of colour.

Thanks to their spectacular long-tailed gowns called the gown, the headdresses in the hair of the dancers adorned with flowers and combs, large shawls and fans along with the peal of their feet and castanets.

Our artists will transport the guests to your event in the true glamour of Flemish Spain.

Including Spanish culture shows to your event is an occasion to be remembered.

There is no spectator who has not delighted with the unusual speed of feet in the dance and the sensual and exotic rhythms of Spanish music.

Barcelona Flamenco can provide a wide range of flamenco dancers for parties and events. Both nationally and internationally.

For more suggestions and ideas for Spanish-themed parties, do not hesitate to contact our creative team and ask for inspiration.

Para más información, cualquier sugerencia o dudas para desarrollar tu idea sólo tienes que contactar con nosotros

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Barcelona Flamenco

Barcelona Flamenco was born from the initiative of a group of professionals who are committed to quality and rigor. Among the main activities of Barcelona Flamenco is the promotion of flamenco concerts and cycles, with first class artists and undoubted talent. We are also specialized in the management of human resources for the creation of shows and seminars made "to measure".

This business proposal will allow you to vary the format of the show, creating a wide range of possibilities to choose from. Barcelona Flamenco is defined as a work system that offers you the possibility to choose between a wide and varied range of shows, which allow you to choose multiple combinations that will surely cover any of your needs and expectations.