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Book your flamenco workshop in Barcelona

Are you visiting Barcelona and would you like to learn to Flamenco? Enjoy a flamenco class just for you and yours, turn a special date into a fun and unforgettable moment.

Our Flamenco Workshops are designed in a relaxed, playful and dynamic way so that the group lives a unique and unforgettable experience through the art of flamenco. This initiation into the world of flamenco is a novel way of working together as a team and having fun at the same time.


Enjoy and learn with one of our professional dancers with extensive experience. Learn the basic steps of flamenco dancing, its compass with palms and feet, the elegant movement of the arms coordinated with the zapateado, concluding with a small choreography so that you enjoy what you have learned (and can impress your friends). Get the passion, temperament and energy of one of the most exciting dances in the world!

Catalan Rumba dance workshop

The Catalan Rumba is a genre developed by the Catalan gypsy community of Barcelona, since the mid-50s. Its main characteristic is that rhythms are taken from the flamenco rumba, with influences from rock & roll and Cuban music.

If you want to sweat the shirt and learn to dance the most popular rhythm of Catalonia, this is your workshop. You will feel the contagious joy of this rhythm and you will learn a lot of steps that you can show off listening to your favorite Rumba groups. To the rhythm of Bamboleo!

To make the experience more complete, there is the possibility of conducting the Flamenco Dance and Rumba Dance Workshop with guitar and love singing. In this way, the group experiences more directly the essential elements of flamenco art «Sing, Guitar and Dance»

Are you ready? To come to dance you only need comfortable clothes, shoes that hold the foot well, if possible with a leather sole and want to learn and have fun.

Flamenco percussion workshop. Flamenco Cajon

The roots of flamenco percussion were the “palmas” which are the rhythmic base from which all the cajon patterns develop.
This workshop is intended for all those people interested in learning more about the flamenco percussion instrument in particular, with or without musical knowledge.

An ideal space for dancing

The flamenco workshops is held in central facilities, which have all the comforts for you to enjoy this experience. It is a space for the creation and study of flamenco art perfectly prepared with mirrors, air conditioning, wooden floor, stereo, costumes…

Our class schedule is from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you want other times, a different address or in another town, send us your query

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Who are the classes aimed at?

Private groups visiting Barcelona, friends, families, bachelorette parties, students on end-of-course trips or special celebrations.

Groups at a stop during a cruise

Corporate groups looking for a fun activity to break the ice

Do the teachers speak my language?

We teach in Spanish, French and English.

Can I take pictures and video?

Of course. Take one of the best memories of your stay in Barcelona. Take photos, record videos and show on your return how much you have learned.

The possibility of giving it a special touch.

During the workshop we will offer the possibility of giving a flamenco touch to your photographs with flamenco accessories. Shawl and flower for girls and hats for boys

Can I cancel the reservation?

Sometimes the plans change on the fly, if you cancel the class 72 hours in advance, we will reimburse you in advance.

What happens if someone in the group doesn't want to dance that day?

Absolutely nothing, we put a chair and enjoy watching your group dance. If you notify before 72h we will deduct the proportional part of the advance payment.

Liability arising from any suspension that may occur

Liability arising from any suspension that may occur, namely, failures in the supply of electrical energy, weather or any other cause beyond our company. We refund the advance amount.