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We changed the meetings by stoves, the notes for ingredients and the meetings for a tailor-made meal. By the participants themselves!

A fun and effective way to unite and strengthen the group. A wine tasting, tapas workshop, a paella and a great dose of fun Discover the secrets of traditional local cuisines during our GASTRONOMIC WORKSHOP!

Join our Barcelona cooking class and learn to cook the typical dishes of the region and try the prepared menu in a cozy atmosphere. Enjoy while you cook, play with the ingredients and savor the dishes you have prepared while you learn.

The cooking lessons are practical, intimate, fun, informative and are full of tips and tricks of the trade. Therefore, we recommend that you discover and explore the flavors and textures of some of the best ingredients, from casseroles of fresh fish (cassola) to “Mar i Montanya”. Continuing with rice, fresh vegetables, freshly pressed green olive oil, cheese and finally wine.

Our classes are designed for experienced chefs and novices. There are activities in the process of preparing food for each level of skill. You will immerse yourself in the textures, flavors and aromas of traditional Spanish dishes.

As an option, we start the morning with a guided tour of the Boquería market, where your chef will introduce you to the culinary culture of Barcelona. Learn how to select the best possible products, while we buy the fresh ingredients that will be used in the lesson of the day.

We also organize this part as a team building activity, in which you can compete with your colleagues about who can find the products in a list, make sure that the Spanish and Catalan suppliers understand it and return to the kitchen on time. The guides that lead the cooking class of Barcelona are all trained chefs and lovers of food.

Classes can be held in multiple languages ​​upon request. The choices of places are endless and, therefore, we can accommodate large and small groups. In addition, special menus can be organized and, of course, we can also serve those with dietary requirements.

And during desserts, a private concert of live music? a great idea for a good digestion!

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Barcelona Flamenco

Barcelona Flamenco was born from the initiative of a group of professionals who are committed to quality and rigor. Among the main activities of Barcelona Flamenco is the promotion of flamenco concerts and cycles, with first class artists and undoubted talent. We are also specialized in the management of human resources for the creation of shows and seminars made "to measure".

This business proposal will allow you to vary the format of the show, creating a wide range of possibilities to choose from. Barcelona Flamenco is defined as a work system that offers you the possibility to choose between a wide and varied range of shows, which allow you to choose multiple combinations that will surely cover any of your needs and expectations.