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The haunting melodies and syncopated rhythms of Flamenco have long enchanted audiences around the world. In recent years, a new generation of musicians has combined Flamenco with elements of Jazz, Rock and Hip Hop. The resulting style, known as Flamenco Fusion, is now more popular in Spain than traditional flamenco.

Flamenco was created by gypsies in the middle of the Nineteen Century. They were the poor outcast of Spain. Initially, Flamenco was unacceptable to the upper cross Spaniard.

From many years, Flamenco was seen as very bad in Spain. It came from the south, the poorest region, and nobody was interested. It came from a sector of people who were poor, who lived outside the cities. Now it’s just the opposite, flamenco is very important. The Spanish people have recovered important cultural roots.

By the late nineteen-eighties, Spanish youth have grown tired of traditional flamenco, so musicians such as Paco de Lucia and Ketama developed a fusion style that is hipped, sophisticated and danceable.

The flamenco fusion bands now sell more CD’s and draw bigger crowds than traditional flamenco groups. These days flamenco fusion includes everything from blues to Hip Hop.

Some purest initially objected to the fusion sound, but the bands are actually continuing the spirit of Flamenco.

Flamenco is always been mixture. Where does Flamenco come from? from the Gipsys. Where do the Gipsys come from? The Gipsys come from India, Pakistan, from the north of Europe and then they mix, they come through Arabic countries… They find the Arabic singing…There has never been anything really pure.

Flamenco fusion is popular throughout Spain, but the movement is particularly strong in Barcelona. The musicians here developed a unique flamenco style called Rumba catalana. The city helps inspire his music.

Some flamenco fusion bands write songs that expose society’s injustices. Letters that explain things that are happening in the world. Doing social work, not political.

The combination of socially relevant lyrics, catchy melodies and infectious rhythms, keep flamenco fusion bands playing the sell-out crowds.

A clear proof of all this is Rosalia. With its breakthrough fusion of Spanish flamenco with urban and electronic music, a phenomenon that wants to conquer the world.

A year ago, Rosalia was presented in New York as one of the renewing voices of flamenco.

“El mal querer” was very well received by the American critics and Rosalia became a household name after her participation in the Latin Grammys last year, where she won two awards and performed her best-known song, “Malamente.”

Nobody was indifferent in Spain before the debate of the cultural appropriation of flamenco and gypsy culture, with positions fervently defended on one side and another. Meanwhile, in the international market they began to focus on the phenomenon with greater interest.

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