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Flamenco dance is an art, an expression of its own, recognized and admired by everyone.

Normally, in a performance, the dancer remains motionless during the first moments of the melody. He or she absorbs the strumming of the guitar, the clapping and the singing, until the inspirational beat arrives. He or she will then launch into a passionate flamenco dance, , in tune with the song. We may even see facial expressions of the dancer during the performance.

Both flamenco dance and flamenco music include a strong personal improvisation.

The flamenco dance takes shape through spontaneous expressions of the dancer's emotions at any given moment. The role of the dancer is essentially to interpret the lyrics of the song through dance. He/she performs smooth and elegant arm movements, which contrast with vibrant beats of the feet hitting hard against the floor. Duets, which are usually composed of a man and a woman, tend to be more intense dances. The dancers in this case, hold each other in a steady, constant, and aggressive stare. The result is a competition of passion between the two.

Spanish Choreographic Spanish. The concept of Spanish dance, Spanish classical dance or Spanish ballet, which differs from classical ballet, is usually identified with flamenco dance, although it is not strictly identified with it.

Spanish classical music has been adapted to this type of dance and in most cases pieces by Manuel de Falla, Albéniz, Rodrigo, Maestro Jiménez, Turina, etc... are used.

Its evolution involves a long trajectory from the repertoire of Escuela Bolera and regional dances directly influenced by flamenco dance.

The palillo or castanet is the percussion instrument used to develop the activity of classical Spanish and Escuela Bolera.
Dance corps from 3 to more than 20 dancers on stage.

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This business proposal will allow you to vary the format of the show, creating a wide range of possibilities to choose from. Barcelona Flamenco is defined as a working system that offers you the possibility to choose from a wide and varied offer of shows, which allow you to opt for multiple combinations that will surely cover any of your needs and expectations.